Choose your Animal Quickie Commissions


+ + + NEXT DRAWING: July 2023 (will ship August 1st) + + +

This is a fun and affordable way to commission a drawing from me! There is a growing list of animals I feel inspired to draw/paint, so this is a great way for me to choose what artwork to make next and a way for people to have access to more affordable original artwork.

I will be completing one animal per month, all 8" x 8". Choose an animal from the drop-down menu below! Feel free to contact me on my instagram for suggestions.

I will continue to update this listing with the month that next drawing will be completed so you can have an idea of when your piece will be ready. After you place your order I will send you a confirmation email with the date your new piece will ship!

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The price listed for each one is the full payment including shipping, not a deposit. I will have full creative license over each one (no picture updates will be sent and there will be no tweaks or alterations will be made on the finished piece.) This enables me to make this artwork affordable lets me be fully creative!

You will own the original physical drawing of the artwork on paper. I, the artist, will own the intellectual rights of the artwork including the right to replicate. I may choose to reproduce the artwork and sell prints of it in the future or use it to advertise my work on my website/instagram. No one other than myself, the artist, is permitted to replicate this work.

Please let me know if the artwork is a gift or surprise for someone, in which case I will not post progress shots online until after the recipient of the artwork has received their gift.

Commissions do not include frames, but if you would like the artwork to be framed this is a service I also offer! Alternatively you may decide to get your portrait framed elsewhere.

By submitting your payment through this form you agree to these terms & conditions.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me via my instagram, or email me at [email protected].

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