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Commission Guidelines & 50% Deposits

$60.00 - $385.00
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Thank you for considering a commissioning artwork with me! Please read these guidelines before you decide to go this route. There will be a message box at check-out where you can include as many details about your portrait as you'd like. In the drop-down menu below you can select the size of your piece.

Here are some examples of pricing for different drawing sizes, though I can do any size or dimension. If the size/dimension you're looking for isn't on this list please email me at and we'll go from there! I require a 50% deposit before starting the artwork. This shows both you and me, the artist, that we are both committed to the commission process, and guarantees you a spot in my calendar.

5" x 5" - $120 ($60 deposit)

5" x 7" - $140 ($70 deposit)

8" x 10" - $400 ($200 deposit)

11" x 14" - $770 ($385 deposit)

If you are commissioning a pet portrait (or any artwork requiring photographs) I will need 5 - 10 photos so I can pick the best ones for a good composition. Please send these to with the subject line "commission photos." If you're commissioning a pet portrait It is very helpful if the photos include the whole body of your pet, visible from head to toe! Pictures shot from a neutral angle (not shot from above) are always the best!

I will send you at least two pictures of the artwork in progress so that we can tweak it if necessary before I finish.

I will start the artwork during the month you sign up for and it will be shipped on the 1st of the following month.

The remaining 50% payment for the artwork is due upon completion of the artwork, after which the artwork will be delivered/shipped.

You will cover all shipping costs if shipping is necessary.

You will own the original physical drawing of the artwork on paper. I, the artist, will own the intellectual rights of the artwork including the right to replicate. I may choose to reproduce the artwork and sell prints of it in the future or use it to advertise my work on my website/instagram.

Please let me know if the artwork is a gift or surprise for someone, in which case I will not post progress shots online until after the recipient of the artwork has received their gift :)

Commissions do not include frames, but if you would like the artwork to be framed this is a service I also offer! Alternatively you may decide to get your portrait framed elsewhere.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me via my instagram, or email me at!

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