Tattoo Ticket (Sliding Scale!)

$15.00 - $75.00

I am honored that there are folks out there who are inspired to get my artwork as a tattoo! If you love my work a great way to show support is to buy a tattoo ticket. You can choose an amount from the drop-down menu below based on what you can afford. Anything over $15 will go to one of several non-profits (listed below.) You can let me choose or tell me which one you prefer in the notes when you check out. Once purchased I will send you a hand written card giving you permission to use my artwork for one tattoo. Please specify in the note box when you check out which drawing or painting you plan on using and I will send you a digital file of the image.

The Tattoo Ticket is for artwork that I have already created. If you would like to commission a unique piece of artwork for a tattoo please contact me at [email protected].

After you get your tattoo please send a picture to [email protected] and tag me on instagram!

If you are local to Asheville I can recommend several tattoo artists who are able to translate my fine-line & detail work into a great tattoo. Feel free to DM me!

Non-profits that donations for tattoo tickets will go to:

- Southern Fried Queer Pride (prioritizes LGBQT black & brown folx)
- Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective
-BeLoved Asheville