Spring Vulture

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The original piece was made with pen, ink & watercolor on paper. This piece has been professionally photographed and reproduced on archival, all-natural, high-quality & recycled ink & paper.

I went down the rabbit hole of reading about different vultures while working on this piece and found out so many interesting facts. Did you know that the Bearded Vulture will drop bones from great heights in order to crack them so they can access the marrow inside?

Scavengers have a special place in my heart. By consuming what was left behind by others - the carrion, the scraps, the roadkill & the trash, they connect the two ends of The Cycle of Life and Death, never allowing anything to go to waste. They do the dirty work and they thrive on it 🖤🖤🖤

This particular piece is not based on a specific kind of vulture, but is rather a "Frankenstein vulture," based on a mix of several Old World Vulture species.